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About The Hurrah Players Classes

Each year Hurrah offers over 1000 hours of performing arts education through classes, day camps and workshops. Enrollment in our educational programs is open to any person, age 5 and up, with a sincere desire to participate. With an annual average of 300 students, hailing from each city in Hampton Roads and beyond, we proudly represent a broad demographic. Through our Reach For The Stars Scholarship Program 47% of participants receive tuition assistance, as no child is denied access to our classes for financial reasons.

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Musical Theatre Experience

Thursday at 6:30pm Ages 7-21.
All Levels Welcome!

This class is a stand alone or in addition to Musical Theatre I-IV. Students who would require extra support in class will cover basics in musical theatre singing and dance moves taught at an appropriate pace and level. Additional support from seasoned Hurrah Players may be available to assist. To register, please call our office. Office hours are M-F 9:30am – 4:30pm.

Special Introductory Class Pricing Available For This New Class Only!


This class will teach stage awareness, character development and performance techniques.

THEATRICAL COLLABORATION IN ACTING, Theatre Games in Acting I, Acting and Theatre Games II

Instructor | Claire Thomas

Theatrical Collaboration in Acting Ages 13+
Theatre Games in Acting I Ages 5-9
Acting and Theatre Games II Ages 10+

Intro and Beginner I & II - Ages 8+
Intermediate and Advanced III & IV - Ages 12+

Audition Tech I - IV

This class is all about how to get the gig! Learn and polish your audition techniques. Build your audition portfolio. 

Instructor | C. Heidelberg-Denison

Camera Acting

This class will build on stage acting skills to introduce and refine your camera acting techniques. 

Instructor | Sylvia Hutson

Intermediate/Advanced - Ages 12+

All Levels - Ages 12+

Hip Hop

This class will teach you Hip-Hop steps and routines set to popular music. This is a great dance work out! 

Instructor | TBD

Jazz I - IV

Learn this modern style of dance as an excellent supplement to Musical Theatre.

Jazz I & II Instructor | Jordan D.

Jazz III & IV Instructor | Lisa W.

Intro I - Ages 5-7
Beginner II - Ages 8+
Intermediate III - Ages 12+
Advanced IV - Ages 13+

All Levels | Ages 10+

Weekly Workout

Stay strong and build your muscles every week!

Instructor | Lisa W.

Intro and Beginner I & II - Ages 8+
Intermediate III - Ages 12+
Advanced IV - Ages13+

Tap I - IV & Adult Tap

Learn a style of dance characterized by the rhythmic tapping of the toes and heels.

I & II Instructor | TBD.

III & IV Instructor | LISA W.

Musical Theater I - IV

This class will teach you Broadway style routines with dance & vocal training.

I & II Instructor | Dianna Swenson

III & IV Instructor | Hugh C. & Dianna S.

Intro and Beginner I & II - Ages 5 - 9
Intermediate III - Age 10+
Advanced IV - Ages 12+

Ballet For Movement - Ages 12+

Ballet For Movement

Learn Basic Ballet to build a better Dance foundation.

Instructor | Bellamy Eure

The Pusher Improv

Learn and refine your comedy skills!

INSTRUCTOR | Alex Weller

All Levels | Ages 12 - 18

The Hurrah Players offers a variety of classes for all skill levels and ages. We proudly host a Spring Break Camp and three Summer Camps. Our camps focus on Acting, Musical Theater, Tap, Jazz, and Hip Hop.

Grateful Hurrah Players Highlight


"Hurrah gave me a purpose and helped me discover my passion. I had such a sense of fulfillment at a young age because of The Hurrah Players and Hugh Copeland. It set the track for my career and life."

- Grant Gustin | The Flash

"Hugh was a mentor to me and was able to show me at a young age I was different and an instrument that could tell stories and move people and touch people's hearts."

- Adrienne Warren | Starring as Tina Turner on Broadway

"Through kindness, acceptance and love, Hurrah became a place most of us call home and people we call family. I can never replace the collection of incredible memories I have or the lessons I have learned. I believe anyone who joins will inevitably begin to feel this way and become part of our family."

- Victor Spence | Hurrah Player Alumnus & Board Member

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