Our Instructors

OUR instructors


Hugh Copeland

Artistic Director

Hugh R. Copeland is the founder and artistic director of The Hurrah Players Family Theatre Company and performing arts academy. He is the former chairperson of the Virginia Theatre Conference - Youth and Family Theatre Division, and the Virginia representative to the Southeastern Theatre Conference. Hugh was the Tony Award Honorable Mention for Excellence in Education (2017).


Lisa Wallace

Choreographer, Jazz & Tap Instructor

Lisa has been teaching for over 30 years, teaching workshops and classes up and down the East Coast and was the former owner of Jean Wallace Studios. She taught dance for the Governors School for the Arts for over 9 years and also was the Choreographer for the televised Miss Virginia Pageant for 9 years and has judged on the State and local levels.

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Sharon Cook

Guest Director, Acting & Audition Instructor

Sharon is currently an English and Theatre Arts instructor at Maury High School, she has been teaching in the Norfolk Public School System since 1992. Sharon has extensive experience in performing and directing on the live stage as well as numerous film and television appearances.

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Dianna Swenson

Music Director

Dianna received her music education and vocal performance degree from Old Dominion University in 1999. Her first child was born in 2003 and as a result of a birth injury, he received a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. As she continued to learn from her child how best to communicate with him, she chose to incorporate what she learned into her vocal world as well. Teaching voice lessons from her home studio, Vocal Inclusion, to students who are neuro-typical and neuro-diverse became what she was known for in the community. Since theatre and music have been her passions, she continues to perform and teach as well as musical directing for local community theatre. Dianna has sat on the board of the Special Education Advisory Council in Virginia Beach, volunteering to sing to babies in Neo-natal care unit at CHKD. Dianna welcomes the advancement of people with disabilities to be included in all aspects of the arts.


Co Harrison

Musical Theatre & Babes on Broadway Instructor

Co started teaching dance at age 16 and performed for local U.S.O. at Camps, Forts and on Navy Ships from 1943-1948. In 1948. Mrs. Harrison has had the pleasure of instructing tap, musical theatre and “The Babes on Broadway” for Hurrah for 17 years, as well as 30 years at Lakewood Dance.

Our Classes

OUR Classes

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  • Camera Acting
  • Hip Hop
  • Jazz I-IV
  • Tap I-IV
  • Adult Tap
  • Musical Theater I-IV
  • The Pusher Improv
  • Weekly Workout

Grateful Hurrah Players Highlight


"Hurrah gave me a purpose and helped me discover my passion. I had such a sense of fulfillment at a young age because of The Hurrah Players and Hugh Copeland. It set the track for my career and life."

- Grant Gustin | The Flash

"Hugh was a mentor to me and was able to show me at a young age I was different and an instrument that could tell stories and move people and touch people's hearts."

- Adrienne Warren | Starring as Tina Turner on Broadway

"Through kindness, acceptance and love, Hurrah became a place most of us call home and people we call family. I can never replace the collection of incredible memories I have or the lessons I have learned. I believe anyone who joins will inevitably begin to feel this way and become part of our family."

- Victor Spence | Hurrah Player Alumnus & Board Member

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